Mana Cafe

Coffee lover's little question that arises from inspiration to want to serve quality coffee to customers at reasonable prices. We are committed to seeking knowledge.Both variants of the science of coffee growing, processing, roasting and brewing coffee to get that quality.

Mana Cafe Story

Phitis (Boy) and Chujai (Girl) are characteries in the lessons of 70-80 students in Thailand. Represent a fun And friendly. So,We have signature our Cup Thai Stlye with Smooth and Aroma Phiti (Fun&Fresh) and Chujai (Cute&Sweet). Recommence !!

Hot Caramel Macchiato

Tastes great, Delicious

Hot Cafe Latte

Blend from many source of Coffee bean

Hot Cafe Cappuchino

skill and experience barista,who love to serve the best cup to you.

Ice Cafe Latte

Recommence !!!

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

We select the bes coffee bean from Northern region of Thailand and blend with other international source such as Ethiopia.